Features Of Air Purifiers

Important Features of an Air Purifier

The most important features of air purifiers is all in the filtration. There are some air purifiers that are really good, while some aren’t worth the money you paid for it. Let’s see what some of these features are.

Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADRs)

The clean air delivery rate refers to the cleaner’s capability to filter out dirt dust and other things like smoke. There is a correlation with the rating of these filtration rates and the size of the unit desired.

Air purifiers

Air Flow, Performance and air changes per hour

This refers to the speed of the fan that is built into the purifier itself. The number of changes depend on the size of the room the purifier is in.

HEPA Filters

These are the most common and the most effective. These work a little differently but they do work in an air purifier. They are very effective for filtering out mold, dust and allergens.

Most other features are important too. With most things, you want to look at ease of use. Is the filter easy to change? Is it easy to operate? Ideally, you want to be able to operate something as important as an air purifier without too many calls to customer service or the manufacturer. It would be pretty annoying to have to call customer service every time you try and operate your unit.