Breathe Fresh Air

air purifierThe one thing that we do to survive is breathing. As we breathe, we involuntary invite outside air into the body. Unfortunately, the air we invite into our bodies is not always fresh. Ideally, we would expect it to be pure oxygen, however, it comes with a few toxins, organic pollutants, and carcinogens that remain in our bodies. The tricky part is that the nose cannot easily detect these air contaminants. In most cases, we tend to believe that these air pollutants come from outside environment. While this may be true to some extent, the majority of pollutants that get into our bodies are from indoor air. This is partly attributed to the fact that the air doesn’t move freely in an indoor setting.

Common contaminants
The most common air contaminants we breathe include dust, allergens such as pollen, pet dander, moisture and mold, asbestos, second-hand smoke, and fumes from aerosols. When we are consistently exposed to such contaminants, they can have a negative impact on our long-term health. Many of these pollutants are exuded by items we use in our house such as furniture, carpet, and materials used to construct your house. Likewise, the pets we keep can also bring with them odors, skin dander, and urine stain. In few cases, pollutants can get into our home from outside air whenever windows are open.

How does air purifiers improve our health?
Air purifiers are designed to get rid of common indoor allergens thus facilitating a healthier breathing environment. Having an air purifier will allow you to have a better night sleep and reduce the risk of developing health infections. Persons with low immune systems or allergic are at risk of developing or worsening cases of respiratory infections such as asthma.

Dust mites, which cause allergies and bronchial asthma, are found mostly in indoor dust generated by carpets or mattresses. Likewise, the pets you live together in your home generate animal dander which can build up in air vents. In addition to this, a mold is a major problem with most buildings, and it can also cause irritation to the eyes, allergies or infections in the lungs. So, in such environments, air purifiers will come in handy.

air purifierAir purifiers are beneficial in homes with young children. This is because the air next to the ground (less than two feet) is often concentrated with contaminants since it is much denser than pure air. So, young children are more exposed to these contaminants. Generally, air purifiers reduce the fungus and bacteria that can cause many infections. They also help to remove cigarette smoke from the house and reduce odors from in-house pets, bathroom or from the kitchen.

It has been proven that using air purifiers is one of the most effective ways to clean indoor air. Others efforts such as opening windows to allow free movement of air will help to keep your house fresh, but air purifiers help to augment these efforts. Today, there are various models of air purifiers that can serve specific needs. For instance, there are some that are designed to remove pet dander or odor from the bathroom while others are can remove harmful chemical particles present in the air. So, you need to take this into consideration when choosing the right purifier for you.